Congrats on being a part of the Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival! Please complete ALL FIVE steps on this page by May 1, 2020

Step 1: Join the cast Facebook group!

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Step 2: Read Tech Instructions

Hello lovely humans! You’ve been selected to perform in the 2020 Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival but what now? Relax, make sure you have your towel, maybe have a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. But at some time prior to May 1, 2020 you must fill out your tech form. Your act is awesome and we don’t want you to stress about anything you don’t have to. To make that possible, it is very important that you fully read and understand this letter and the tech form prior to submitting it. The following diagrams and examples should answer most questions. However, if you have any questions at all, please email KCNF’s Production Manger at

We know you’re probably not a designer and all of this will sound technical. Don’t sweat it; if lights and sound aren’t that important to you you can skip the long read and just tell us the basics on your form. Or you can let us design for you; you know you want a lightning storm but don’t know what lights and sound to request? That’s okay. Just tell us on the form what effect you would like and we’ll take care it (within reason).

For example, tell us you want “Hovering UFO Lights” at 1:35 and 3:05 in your music and we’ll design it. If you want specifics be sure and tell us in the form or you’ll get what we make. Example: If you only want green lightning in your storm you better tell us or you’ll probably get white and blue. You should also use the form to tell us about anything else that may affect the technical aspects of your act. These things may include: wanting a prop to drop from the ceiling, the use of flash paper, request using a hazer, letting us know about costume pieces that light up, or musical instruments in your act, etc.

Now for those who are interested in a more technical routine:


Our lighting system includes both incandescent and LED instruments. Most of the color comes from the LED instruments; if you would like colored incandescent looks you may bring your own gels or let us know what colors you would like (please give specific LEE or Roscoe gel numbers if at all possible) and we will supply them for you. We can also insert gobos if you supply them.

Due to stage configuration, options for back lighting and direct side lighting are extremely limited. We may be able to rig an instrument or 2 along the back curtain but no promises.

Low angle front lighting is limited with a majority of front light coming at a down angle. We will be supplementing this with foot lights along the entire middle audience bank.

We have both incandescent and LED strobe capability; LEDs can be set to strobe in any color.

We will have 1 follow spot with a variable iris.

We will have 6 separate lighting zones: Up Right, Up Center, Up Left, Down Right, Down Center, Down Left. You may also ask for a specific point on the stage to be lit in a special but we make no promises about this (other than the spotlight).


The Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival is housed at The Just Off Broadway Theater. This space is a blackbox theater that will be set up in ¾ Thrust configuration. This means there will be audience seated on 3 sides of the performance area. You will be able to enter or exit the performance area from backstage through the curtain split. You will also be able to enter through the audience down either the right or left vomitorium. You could also conceivably start in the audience on one of the platforms. See diagram:


The back curtain can be rigged open if you are bringing set pieces that need a more traditional proscenium. We may also be able to fly in small props or set pieces but they will not be hidden when not in use (they’d just be hanging above the stage). The vomitoria can be reached from both the backstage dressing room area and the lobby. All three audience areas include a row of floor seating with 3 risers behind those rows.


We have full theatrical sound capability. We have complete control over your music track. We can also run separate sound cues simultaneously if you need that capability. We will have 2 wireless handheld mics that you can use. We can also hook up any mics you would like to use so please bring your own headsets. If you do not own your own headset mic but would like to use one, we can recommend rentals for you while you are in KC.


There are 43 acts in the festival and in order to keep our sanity everything will be designed before you get to town. How? By using the tech forms you so carefully fill out. Your technical rehearsal for each act will be strictly limited to 15 minutes. This is enough time for you to see what we designed, make tweaks to it, and run your number if you want. Your act will include only the tech that is on your form. IF YOU DO NOT MENTION IT ON YOUR TECH FORM IT WILL NOT BE IN THE SHOW.

Please fill out the form with as much detail as possible. If you have questions, ask! Remember to include all lighting and sound changes you want and when they happen. Also include any entrances or exists you or others will make during your routine. Note where you start and finish the routine and when the music starts. Note any visual cues for sound or lights and when they happen. If it matters to you we want to do it right, so if you need specific colors, sound levels, light brightness, or anything else you must let us know. We can adjust all of these things during your tech but we will not have time to create it from scratch if you don’t tell us about it.

A couple of examples of how to fill out the form:


The Time Stamp refers to the time in your music track you wish the cue to happen. This routine starts with the performer off stage so the when the stage manager tells the booth the performer is in place, we will go to blackout and start the music track. 3 seconds into the track we will start fading the lights to the cool blue look described by the performer earlier in the tech form; this fade in will take 10 seconds. The rest of the routine takes place with no lighting or sound cues until the 3:42 point in the music track. At that time, we will start fading the stage lights to a blackout; this fade will take a total of 15 seconds. At 3:50 in the track we will turn on the spot light and follow the performer to the edge of his table set piece. By 3:57 the stage lights will be out leaving only the Spotlight and at this time the spot operator will tighten their focus onto the 2 “I’m Sorry” boxes on the table. The Spot Op will hold their focus for 4 seconds and then go to blackout. The music track will play out at 3:58 leaving the last 3 seconds of the routine in silence with a small spot as the only light.


The performer starts this routine on stage, looking through some set pieces. He does this for 11 seconds, finishing by standing on the left set piece. On this visual cue, the music track starts and the lights flash. 42 seconds into the music track, we change to a lighting cue that lights only the Right half of the stage. At 1:01 there is a red strobe effect for 2 seconds and an explosion sound cue plays over the music track. The performer also changes sides of the stage. At 1:05, the lighting reverses to only light up the Left half of the stage. There is another explosion sound effect and matching strobe at 2:07. Then, 3 seconds later the lights start to fade back to the first red cue from the top of the routine; this takes 20 seconds to complete. At 2:35 there is a 5 second silence on the music track during which a kitten enters and removes the left set piece. At 3:22, a live microphone is turned on so one of the kittens off stage can say the line, “No signs of life.” At 3:49 we will start to fade the music track out over 5 seconds. The performer ends the routine by walking out the left vomitorium toward the lobby; the final red lighting look remains until the Emcee speaks.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and fill out your technical form. Now you can spend the rest of your time taking it as easy as Harry Potter studying for Divination.

Stay nerdy,


Step 3: Routine Outline Form

Routine Outline Form

Please COPY the form into your own document. DO NOT edit the Google Doc or it will change it for everyone that clicks the link. You can upload your outline in the next step.

Step 4: Fill Out Tech form

Tech Form

Feel free to write out a scripted introduction or to just list bullet points for the MC to use.
This is for any large set pieces that will need to be placed before your act: throne, flats, shadow box, aerial rig, etc
This is anything that you are not wearing and is not a Scenery Piece. For example, list Isis Wings if you pick them up during your routine, but not if you are wearing them to start.
Please check any lighting effects you would like in your act. We will try to accommodate all requests but with 40 acts, we cannot guarantee all specials.
Please be as specific as possible. List anything that a stage hand will need to place for you. Note: venue does not allow fog/smoke machines.
Please be as specific as possible. List all items of clothing and any props that will need to be picked up.
Please list anything we need to be aware of for your act (i.e. stage will need to be swept, splash zone, a kitten will need to assist during the act, etc)
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload your Routine Outline Form here in .pdf, .docx, or .odt format

STOP! Double check that you have included everything for your tech form! Once you are sure is it complete, click the submit button above.

Step 5: Where are you staying?

If you would like us to match you with a local for free housing, please fill out the form below. Those who prefer to purchase a hotel room should use this link to receive a discounted rate at KCNF's official hotel:


Housing Form

There will be events in the evenings Tuesday - Friday and events all day on Friday and Saturday. There will be a brunch on Sunday morning. Performers are not required to attend all events but you will receive free entry to performances and discounts on workshops.
We are willing to find housing for you and ONE non-performing guest. Your guest will still need to purchase tickets to any events that have an admission price.
We want you to feel comfortable. This information will be kept private and will not be held against you. Please be specific - for example, if you are traveling alone and you would not feel comfortable staying in a male's home without other guests, but would be okay if you were not alone, that's something we should know.
We can guarantee assistance with transportation between your housing location and official KCNF events. All other requests will be subject to driver availability.