Sponsorship Application

The Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival is a celebration of the art of burlesque and all things nerdy, as well as a celebration of Kansas City itself. The KCNF is a diverse and intersectional series of events that will nurture the nerdy and artistic passions of nerds of all races, sizes, ages, identities, and sexual orientations. It will showcase the best performers that our industry has to offer, so we want to give local and national brands an opportunity to support arts in Kansas City while attracting new, nerdy customers.

By partnering with the KCNF, your brand will be marketed to hundreds of potential brand ambassadors who actively support local venues and businesses.

For nightly burlesque shows alone, there will be over 600 tickets for sale, not counting trivia, themed nights, parties, fundraisers, workshops, and much, much more.

The KCNF production team has nearly 50 years in combined experience in the entertainment industry. Though we are only in our second year, we have already jumped to the top of the “must do” list of burlesque festivals. Entertainers from all over the country (and beyond!) are converging on Kansas City and locals are flocking to the theater to catch their performance.

The Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival will feature local and international, all of whom have their own following. This ensures that your brand will be seen by a diverse audience from across the nation.

We have crafted several sponsorship packages that can help your business stand out during the year leading up to, and during, the Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival.

We want to highlight quality businesses like yours that share our values of diversity and acceptance. We are also happy to negotiate a trade of sponsorship for goods and/or services should you not find a package or price point that fits.

Thank you for helping to making Kansas City a great place to create events and we look forward to speaking with you more in-depth about how KCNF can help to promote your business.

Annie-Mae Allure
Basic Boy
Anastacia Vulgar

Sponsor the Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival

You’ve got a business. We’ve got a big beautiful festival just itching to showcase it! KCNF has opportunities for every budget and we’ll work with you to craft a marketing strategy that will work for both of our brands.

What is burlesque, anyway?

More than striptease, burlesque is a celebration of empowerment and self-expression, balancing sensuality, performance, and humor. Our performers are lavishly costumed and are bridging the gap between nostalgia and cutting edge entertainment.

What’s in it for you?

A Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival sponsorship offers companies like yours a unique opportunity to engage potential customers and put your brand in front of hundreds of festival attendees and nerdy fans from across the world.

  • Quality Brand Impressions – Attendees will walk away knowing exactly which local brands helped them have the time of their lives.
  • Local Culture Cultivation – Business like yours continue to help create the nationally recognized performance art culture in Kansas City.
  • Consumer Engagement – Some sponsorship levels include vendor booths and marketing displays to facilitate conversations with potential customers and promote brand awareness. Our fans have shown themselves to be loyal brand ambassadors who actively participate in their community.

We offer four levels of sponsorship from $100 to $1,000. Each sponsorship level comes with a variety of benefits that will give your company or business positive exposure.

For those who like to pick and choose, we also offer a la carte options for ad placements, ranging from $20-$400, depending on your marketing goals.


LOGO Flyers, posters, t-shirts, step & repeat, website, & promo videos
AD Prominent full page Nerdonomicon; 5 FB posts; 5 IG posts
TICKETS 8 General Admission (2 for each show)
SWAG 2 Free t-shirts or tank tops
VENDING 8' Table for vending


LOGO Flyers, posters, t-shirts, step & repeat, website, & promo videos
AD 1/2 page Nerdonomicon; 3 FB posts; 3 IG posts
TICKETS 6 General Admission
SWAG 2 Free t-shirts or tank tops
BOOTH 6' Table for vending


LOGO Flyers, posters, t-shirts, step & repeat, website, & promo videos
AD 1/4 page Nerdonomicon
TICKETS 4 General admission
SWAG 1 Free t-shirt or tank top


LOGO Flyers, posters, t-shirts, website
TICKETS 2 General admission

Advertise on the Posters

We will print between 50–200 Full-color 11” × 17” posters and display them prominently around Kansas City, MO, as well as every KC Perform and Rude Revue & Burly Q production.
(limited ad space availability)

Ad space is first come, first served. MAIN ads are reserved first for Platinum Sponsors. We can adapt the space to allow for more ads of any size.

main (centered) 2.35” × 1.1” $100 logo + website + #
large 1.5” × 1.25” $50 logo + website or #
medium 1.5” × 0.8” $30 logo
small 1” × 0.8” $20 logo

Advertise on the Flyers

We will print between 500–1000 full-color 5” × 7” flyers and distribute them prominently around Kansas City. Logos will be featured on the back of the flyer. (limited availability)

Ad space is first come, first served. MAIN ads are reserved first for Platinum Sponsors, but we can add more ads of any size as space permits.

main (centered) 1.9” × 0.8” $100 logo + website + #
large 1.25” × 1” $50 logo + website or #
medium 1” × 0.55” $30 logo
small 0.4” × .55” $20 logo

Advertise in the Nerdonomicon

We will print 500+ full-color glossy multi-page programs with information on events, featured performers, workshops, coupons, and ads.

As we sell more ads, we will add more pages and features! Every attendee, performer, and sponsor will receive at least one Nerdonomicon.

full spread 10.5” × 8” $400
full page 5” × 8” $250
back page 5” × 5” $300
half page 5” × 4” $100
quarter page 2.5” × 4” $50
eighth page 2.5” × 2” $30

Other Opportunities

Not sure if a sponsorship or ad package is right for you? We have loads of ways that local businesses and people who just want to contribute can help make the Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival a resounding success! Whether you want to volunteer your time, or have some cool stuff lying around, we would love to hear from you.

Banner Displays

Want to get the message out on how your business is supporting the arts? Have us display your company’s message in our vendor section, outside, or even in the lobby! Available in several sizes, and included in some sponsorship packages. Please contact us at info@kcnerdfest.com for more details.

Swag Bags

Every performer and VIP ticket holder will receive a swag bag for the festival. If you would like to offer items to include in these carefully curated gift bags for our special guests, please e-mail us at info@kcnerdfest.com. Total estimated quantity of VIP bags: 100+

Raffle Prizes

Don’t want to spend cash, but still want to support the Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival? Donate new or vintage items for our audience to win in our raffles! We will have four main shows over the course of the week, plus many other events, and we’d love to raffle off some cool stuff at each of them- all while giving your business a sweet shout-out!

Food Food Food

Our festival attendees, volunteers, and performers are going to be hungry! If you’ve got the means to donate towards helping us getting the event catered, or you’d like to set up a food truck or food stand and sell food to our festival goers, we want to talk to you!


If you’re thinking about coming to the festival, but don’t have money set aside to attend, no worries! We are crafting a strategy to reward those who want to volunteer with free tickets to the performances as well as free t-shirts and the like. If you can give us a few hours of your time, we’ll make it worth it! Visit www.kcnerdfest.com/volunteers to apply today!

$ 0.00

Deadline: Ads, logos and artwork must be received by KCNF on or before June 15, 2020 to be included in any printed material.

For all questions answered email KCNF at info@kcnerdfest.com or call us at (816) 659-2089. Please make all checks payable to Annie-Mae Allure, LLC with “KCNF Sponsor” noted and mail to: Jamie Pratt c/o KCNF 3528 Warwick Ct. Kansas City, MO 64111